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For Self Construction


VHFL understands your passion to construct your own home & planning its infrastructure and interiors.You can avail of a Self Construction Home Loan from us to build your dream home as per your imagination and your family’s expectations.


  • Attractive interest rate to make your dream home affordable
  • Expert legal and technical advise to assist you in making the right decision
  • Dedicated VHFL Sales team to assist you through the entire process from application to disbursement.


Any resident Indian (salaried, self employed professional or self employed non-professional) and any Non-Resident Indian (Salaried) can apply to VHFL for availing home loan.

For Salaried and Self Employed Professionals loan tenure will be maximum of 25 years or retirement age whichever is lower.

For Self Employed Non Professionals loan tenure will be maximum of 25 years or Maximum 65 years of age (whose income is considered).


The repayment of loan shall be done in equated monthly installments based on the loan amount, tenure and rate of interest. The payment shall be accepted through post-dated cheques or ECS.